Lexicon: live – loaded

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live, verbal adj. [see life, n.]

Alive; full of vitality; [probably a verb with syntactic inversion “those who doubt to live again live not yet”] those who do not believe in life after death are not experiencing real life.

livelong, adj. [see lief, a., long, a.]

Whole; entire; long in passing.

Liverpool, proper n. [Welsh 'weedy sea pool'.]

English city; town on the river Mersey; territory was given to John, son of King Henry II in 1172; site of immigration influx; port of entry for migrants; preliminary multi-cultural city of Britain; [fig.] life; humankind; civilization.

livid, adj. [Fr. < L. līvēre.]

  1. Black and blue; lead-colored; [fig.] fiery; blazing; on fire.
  2. Dark; dreadful; appalling.

living, verbal adj. [see live, v.]

  1. Alive; having life.
  2. Mortal; earth-dwelling; not yet subject to death.
  3. Lifelong; lengthy; entire; seemingly endless; extended hours of.
  4. Growing; having vigor; in active operation.
  5. Ticking rhythmically; beating like a human heart.

living, verbal n. [see live, v.]

  1. Existing; experiencing mortality; undergoing pain and grief; the state of being alive.
  2. Survivors; alive ones; people not yet dead.
  3. Temporal existence; mere breathing; maintenance of physical functions; [fig.] going through the motions.
  4. Honorarium; stipend; financial requirement; maintenance fee; obligatory payment; price for continuing; pay for service.

lo, int. [OE , see look, v. imperative.]

Look; see; behold.

load, n. [OE lád, way, course, journey, conveyance.]

  1. Burden; [fig.] responsibility; duty.
  2. Weight of blooms; proliferation of blossoming flowers.
  3. Cargo; [metonymy] wagon; cart carrying a large amount of coal.
  4. Heartache; deep grief; heavy sorrow.

load (-ed), v. [see load, n.]

  1. Become heavy; [possibly a verbal adj.] heavy; weighted down.
  2. Compress; press together; put cargo in.

loaded, verbal adj. [see load, v.]

  1. Swelling; swollen; storm-tossed; high tide.
  2. Carrying live ammunition; having an explosive charge; ready for use as a weapon in hunting or defense.
  3. Burdened; laden; swelling with weight; [fig.] carrying pollen.