Lexicon: liable – lie

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liable, adj. [Anglo Fr. liable.]

Responsible; bound by law; subject to convention.

liar, n. [OE léogere.]

Prevaricator; person who utters falsehood; one who knowingly or unknowingly obscures the truth; [fig.] deceiver; cheater.

libation, n. [L. lībāre.]

Outpouring; offering; sacrifice; [fig.] devotion; attention; loving service.

liberty (-'s), n. [Fr. liberté < L. līber, free.] (webplay: body, books, control, establishment, except, free, leave, life, permitted, prison, privilege, secured, set, take, thought, will).

  1. Immortality; eternity; freedom from sin and death.
  2. Freedom from restraint; state of exemption from control; [fig.] freedom from spiritual bondage.
  3. Sovereignty; independence; political freedom; national security; [fig.] emancipation; abolition of slavery.
  4. Choice; option; possibility.
  5. Liberation; release from prison.
  6. Autonomy; self-reliance; ability to move at will.
  7. Phrase: “At liberty”: free; in a position to escape; able to move without restraint.

library, n. [Fr. librairie, bookseller's shop.]

Reading room; collection of books; [fig.] sanctuary; haven; quiet chamber; secluded place for meditation.

license, n. [Fr. licence.]

Permission; privilege; authorization to act a certain way.

license (-ed), v. [see license, n.]

Allow; legally sanction; permit by authority; set apart by law

lick (-ed), v. [OE liccian.]

  1. Gather in; lap with the tongue; [fig.] whisk; separate; remove.
  2. Devour; eat up; consume entirely; [fig.] cover in transit; pass in travel; get the best of.

lid (-s), n. [OE hlid.]

  1. Top cover; arching protective layer; [fig.] horizon; cloud cover; nocturnal sky.
  2. Covering for a grave; protection dome for a funeral casket.
  3. Skin that closes over the eyes; upper covering of the eyes that is shut during slumber.

lie, n. [OE lyge.]

Falsehood; untruth; something that gives a false impression.