Lexicon: lost – love

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lost, verbal adj. [see lose, v.]

  1. Gone; missing in action; [fig.] dead.
  2. Destroyed; perished; existing no more; [fig.] sunk; inundated; engulfed completely with sea water.
  3. Forgotten; past; long ago; once upon a time.
  4. Hopeless; discouraged; disoriented spiritually; [fig.] not feeling the redemption of God's love.
  5. Indistinct; invisible; indistinguishable; hidden; covered; incorporated; transformed; become as another entity.
  6. Missing; removed; relocated; unavailable; inaccessible; out of sight.
  7. Beyond sensibility; not recoverable; [fig.] having no sense of direction.
  8. Unrecoverable; wiped out; faded away.
  9. Disoriented; transient; drifting; vagrant; homeless; in unfamiliar territory.
  10. Permanently obliterated; completely annihilated; permanently deleted from existence.
  11. Killed; harmed; wrecked; robbed; attacked.
  12. Irretrievable; untouchable; unreachable.
  13. Prodigal; cursed; not yet redeemed; wandering outside of sacred space.
  14. Phrase. “get lost”: wander off; become disoriented; stray from familiar territory.

lost, verbal n. [see lose, v.]

  1. Prodigal ones; those in spiritual peril; people whose souls are morally at risk.
  2. Disoriented ones; homeless people; individuals wandering in the darkness.

lot, n. [OE.]

Portion; share; [fig.] chance; fortune; fate; destiny; circumstance.

Lot, proper n. [Heb. 'covering, veil'.]

Nephew of Abraham; son of Abraham's brother Haran; Old Testament man who welcomed two angels into his home (see Genesis 19); righteous man who lived in Sodom with his wife and daughters.

loth, adv. [OE láð.]

Reluctantly; grudgingly.

lotus, n. [L. < Gk. λωτός.]

Beautiful blossom; sacred flower; white lily; bloom revered anciently in Egypt and India; tree that supplies shade and shelter; fruit that produces drowsiness and forgetfulness when ingested.

loud (-er, -est), adj. [OE hlúd, to hear.]

  1. With more volume; having higher intensity.
  2. Resounding; reverberating; booming.
  3. Audible; perceptible by hearing.
  4. Real; tangible; concrete; [fig.] not subtle.

loud, adv. [OE hlúd, to hear.]

  1. Boldly; brashly; immodestly; without appropriate noise level.
  2. Audibly; aloud; out loud; with verbal expression; in oral recitation.

love (-'s, -d), n. [OE lufu.]

  1. Warmth; light; sunshine; positive neutrino energy; radiant solar heat; life-giving power.
  2. Expression of esteem; token of affection; act of good will.
  3. Devotion; loyalty; faithfulness; commitment to serve; [fig.] honor; memorial service.
  4. Courtship; [fig.] selfless sacrifice.
  5. Pure affection; perfect kindness; [personification] God (see 1 John 4:8).
  6. Wish; will; desire; affection; longing for something; [fig.] innate goodness; lack of enmity.
  7. Charity; benevolence; providence; divine care.
  8. Regard; respect; good will; [fig.] offering; gift.
  9. Charity; philos; agape; [fig.] gospel teaching; scriptural sustenance; message of salvation; [metaphor] Jesus; the Messiah.
  10. Beloved; dear one; most esteemed person.
  11. Affection.
  12. Filial piety; family bond; perfect communion.
  13. Union; harmony; unity between two people.
  14. Passion; intense interest.
  15. Cupid.

love (-d, -s, -est, -ing), v. [OE lufian, see love, n.]

  1. Want; enjoy; have great pleasure in.
  2. Care for; entertain a great affection for; regard with esteem.
  3. Feel sorry; regard another in a pitying sort of way.
  4. Revere; venerate; worship.
  5. Like; express affection; care about someone.
  6. Have a platonic feeling; feel spiritual closeness to.
  7. Sacrifice oneself for others; (see John 3:16).