Lexicon: loom – loss

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loom, n. [ME < OE 'utensil, implement'.]

  1. Tool; instrument for doing work; [metonymy] daily labor; earthly endeavors; mortal life.
  2. Weaving frame; wooden rack; stand that weavers use to interlace threads of various colors; [fig.] network of branches.

loop, n. [origin unknown.]

Ring; curved piece of metal, rope, or fiber; [fig.] cycle of memories; [phrase “drop the loop”] lost the link; let go of the connection.

loop, v. [see loop, n.]

  1. Fasten; tie down; secure in place; [fig.] adorn; decorate; embellish; beautify.
  2. Phrase. “loop up”: fasten openings in the clothing of; tie up panels for the gown of; secure fabric into valances for the dress of.

loose (-d), v. [ME lōs.]

  1. Open; relax; unfold; spread out; make less tight.
  2. Release; unbind; set free; remove the restraints from.
  3. Remove; uncover; unveil; untie; unfasten; let go; remove as a constraint; allow to move freely; [fig.] cause to shine; allow to glow; make to radiate.

loosen (-ed), v. [see loose, v.]

Displace; unsettle; stir up; blow about.

loosened, verbal adj. [see loose, v.]

Liberated; emancipated; [fig.] literate; able to read; [metaphor] educated; enlightened; well-read.

Lord (-s, -'s), proper n. [OE hláford, 'bread-keeper, guardian of the loaf'.] (webplay: Christ, gave, lady, person, realm, Spirit, title).

  1. Aristocrat; nobleman; patrician; member of the land-owning class.
  2. Master; superior; sovereign; one who has power over another; (see ED's letters).
  3. Jehovah; God; divine sovereign; (see ED's letters).
  4. Phrase. “the Lord of Lords”: Jesus Christ; (see Revelation 17:14, 19:16).

lore, n. [OE lár, see learn.]

  1. Knowledge; learning; understanding; information; tradition; conventional wisdom.
  2. Lesson; story; body of instruction; course of study.

lose (-s, lost), v. [OE losian, see loss, n.; NW says to part, to separate.]

  1. Let go away; no longer maintain; [fig.] recover from.
  2. Fail; give way; relinquish something valuable.
  3. Misplace; mislay; become unable to find one's own possession.
  4. Wander off from; go astray from.
  5. Abdicate; forfeit; give up; be deprived of.
  6. Sacrifice; miss; part with; be divested of.
  7. Be grieved by death of; become separated from in mortality; [fig.] say goodbye to.

loss (-es), n. [OE los, to break up army ranks, dissolution.]

  1. Deprivation; failure to keep.
  2. Relinquishment.
  3. Casualty; temporary dispossession.
  4. Privation; [fig.] trial; tribulation.
  5. Disorientation; release of control; [fig.] obscurity.