Lexicon: Luna – lustrous

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Luna, proper n. [L. lūna, moon.]

Moon goddess; radiant one; Greek lunar deity; daughter of Hyperion and Theia; sister of Helius, the sun god; Roman name for the Greek goddess Selene, who wears a lunar crescent on her head as she rides a silver chariot across the night sky; [fig.] nighttime; Earth's natural satellite personified.

lunacy, n. [L. lūnātic-us, insanity induced by changes of moon.]

Insanity; madness; [fig.] genius; poetic brilliance; creative power.

lung (-s), n. [OE lungen.]

Body part for breathing; pair of organs for respiration.

lure, n. [OFr leurre.]

Falconry device; feathered apparatus with bait used to recall hawks; [fig.] attraction; allurement; enticement; calling; pull of desire; invitation to serve.

lure (-s), v. [see lure, n.]

Persuade; call; invite; tempt; attract with promise of reward.

lurk (-ed, -s), v. [Low Gm. lurken.]

  1. Linger; tarry; loiter; be hidden; lie in wait.
  2. Hide; skulk; prowl; move stealthily while remaining out of sight.

luscious, adj. [origin unknown.]

Desirable; charming; tempting; attractive; enticing; seductive; beguiling; very delicious.

lustral, adj. [L. lūstrāl-is, Roman purificatory sacrifice < luěre, to wash.]

Pure; clear; cleansed; sanctified; [fig.] shiny; glowing; gleaming; luminous; illuminated; bathed in light.

lustre, n. [Fr. < L. lūstrāre to illumine.]

Sheen; gloss; refulgence.

lustrous, adj. [see lustre, n.]

Gleaming; glowing; shining; bright.