Lexicon: loaf – lofty

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loaf (loaves), n. [OE hlaf.]

Mass; lump; set amount of bread.

locality, n. [Fr. < L. locālitātem.]

Place; position; situation.

location (-s, -'s), n. [L. locāre.]

Situation; geographic coordinate; temporal orientation; position in time and place.

lock (-s), n. [OE lok.]

  1. Seal; device that keeps intruders out.
  2. Closure mechanism; [word play] system that changes water levels on a river for transportation purposes.

lock (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [see lock, n.]

Secure; fasten; keep safe.

lodge, n. [ME < OFr loge, arbor, summerhouse, hut < L. laubia, cloister, covered walk.]

Home; house; habitation; residence; dwelling place; [fig.] mansion; heavenly abode.

lodge (-d), v. [see lodge, n.]

  1. Enclose; confine; detain; imprison; incarcerate.
  2. Place; plant; set to grow.
  3. House; host; board.
  4. Stay; rest; abide; find a place in.

lodging (-s), verbal n. [see lodge, n.]

  1. Inn; hostel; temporary abode; place of rest.
  2. Home; house; dwelling place; [fig.] heavenly abode; mansion on high.

lofty, adj. [OE, see lift, v.]

Elevated; very high in the air.

lofty, adv. [see lofty, adj.]

Gallantly; with dignity; like a soldier's marching; with each foot lifted high up from the ground; [fig.] proudly.