Lexicon: lower – lullaby

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lower (-ed), v. [see lower, adj.]

Bring down; pull downward.

lowly (lowlier, lowliest), adj. [see low, adj.]

  1. Minor; modest; close to the ground; not elevated in height.
  2. Lesser; inferior; less worthy; not as valuable.
  3. Humble; homely; familiar; earthly; natural; [fig.] loving; nurturing; belonging to Mother Nature.
  4. Worst; most disrespectful.

lowly, n. [see lowly, adj.]

Humble ones; common people; individuals of lesser class, rank, social position, or economic status.

loyal, adj. [Fr. < L. lēgāl-em, law.]

Faithful; dutiful; firm; steadfast; reliable; bound by allegiance; [word play] loveable; venerable; honorable; worthy of esteem; [etymology play on Edward Dickinson's legal career] law-abiding.

loyally, adv. [see loyal, adj.]

Firmly; steadfastly; faithfully.

luck, n. [Low Ger. luk, possibly a gambling term.]

  1. Chance; lot; fortune; fate; destiny; benefit.
  2. Success; prosperity; providence.

lucrative, adj. [L. lucrātīv-us, to gain.]

Profitable; beneficial; remunerative; advantageous.

lull, n. [see lull, v.]

Respite; recess; break; time out.

lull (-ed, -s), v. [Sw. lulla, to hum.]

Soothe; pacify; lead into sleep; help to become still; [fig.] quietly cause to die; gently lead into the next life.

lullaby, n. [see lull, v.]

Baloo; balulalow; cradle song; tune to help a baby sleep.