Lexicon: light – liker

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light (-ed, lit), v. [OE líhtan.]

  1. Give vision to; show the way to; enable to see.
  2. Kindle; inflame; set fire to.
  3. Enlighten; make plain, clear.
  4. Illuminate; fill with a glow; spread over with sunset.

lightly (light), adv. [see light, n.]

  1. Gayly; merrily; airily; heedlessly; without a care; [word play] gently; softly; [metaphor] brightly; with sparkles.
  2. Effortlessly; easily; deliberately; weightlessly; with little impact; without imposing heavy pressure.
  3. Softly; gently; delicately; without leaving deep footprints; [fig.] tenderly; thoughtfully; with sensitivity.
  4. Nimbly; with agility; not heavily; [word play] quickly; without delay; without hesitation.
  5. Unchastely; wantonly; immorally; dishonorably; disrespectfully; irresponsibly; in a careless manner; without regard for consequences.

lightning (-'s), n. [see light, v.]

  1. Discharge of electricity; visible flash of light between clouds and the ground; [fig.] shock; dangerous current.
  2. Illumination from an atmospheric flash; [fig.] revelation; sudden inspiration; striking insight; unexpected enlightenment; stroke of brilliant intelligence.
  3. Branching static charge; zigzag earthbound pulse of electromagnetic force.

like (-er, -est), adj. [OE.]

Similar; comparable.

like, adv. [ME.]

In the same manner as.

like, n. [see like, prep.]

Similitude; counterpart; comparable entity.

like, prep. [ME.]

As; similar to; comparable to; with the same conditions as.

like (-ed, -s, liking), v. [OE lícian < Germanic *līko, body.]

Wish; hope; desire; care; [phrase “I'd like”] it would please me.

likeness, n. [OE; see like, adj.]

Reflection; mirror; semblance; similitude; object that looks like.

liker, adv. [ON.]

More likely; more probable; more reasonable to suppose.