Lexicon: legend – lengthy

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legend (-s), n. [Fr. légende.]

Story; narrative; myth; traditional account; tale from early times that is popularly regarded as historical; [fig.] scripture; story of a saint's life and death.

legible, adj. [L. legibilis.]

Detectable; distinguishable; easily deciphered.

legion (-s), n. [OFr legiun.]

  1. Army; Roman infantry unit; large military force; [fig.] enemy; foe that can be overcome.
  2. Vast throng; great band; innumerable multitude; congregation having large numbers; (see Luke 8:30).
  3. Force; [fig.] darkness; shadow.

legislature, n. [Fr. législature.]

General assembly; body of lawmakers; people elected to make and repeal laws, such as Edward Dickinson who represented Massachusetts.

legitimate, adj. [L. lēgitimāre.]

Legal; lawful; regular; sound; conformable to a recognized standard; [fig.] righteous; modest; appropriate; of good rep ute.

leisure, n. [OFr leisir, to be permitted.]

  1. Play; relaxation; vacation; discretionary time; period of rest; hours after work.
  2. Lull; cessation; hiatus; recess; respite; suspension; [fig.] reflection; meditation; contemplation; rumination; time for thinking about.
  3. Stillness; period of inactivity; [fig.] demise; rigor mortis; state of death.
  4. Phrase. “At leisure”: unoccupied; dormant; passive; lethargic; inactive; free from business; excused from employment; [fig.] paralyzed; mortified; in shock; lacking energy, focus, or strength.

leisurely, adv. [see leisure, n.]

Slow; legato; deliberate; without haste; [fig.] impaired by grief.

lend (lent), v. [OE lænan < ON lán.]

  1. Share temporarily; allow temporary possession; share on condition of the return of the same or its equivalent.
  2. Give; grant; bestow; impart; provide; offer.

length (-s), n. [OE lęngδu.]

  1. Extent; measure; amount of time; duration of a long period of time.
  2. Phrase. “at length”: finally; near the end of an extended period of time.

lengthy, adj. [see length, n.]

Long; not in a hurry; taking an excessive amount of time.