Lexicon: loved – low

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loved, verbal adj. [see love, v.]

Esteemed; respected; valued; treasured; cherished; worthy of attention.

loved, verbal n. [see love, v.]

Dear ones; persons cherished; beings who are remembered.

loveliness, n. [see lovely, adj.]

Splendor; desirable beauty.

lovely, adj. [OE luflic, see love, n.]

Desirable; beautiful; inspiring love.

lover, adj. [see love, v.]

Affectionate; courting; amorous; romancing; [fig.] pollinating; fertilizing; closely touching to make physical contact; approaching to receive and transfer pollen.

lover (-s , -'s), n. [see love, v.]

  1. Valentine; romantic partner; companion who shares affection; young women and young men engaged in courtship.
  2. Beloved; darling; sweetheart.

loving, verbal adj. [see love, v.]

  1. Dear; good; [transferred modifier] beloved; admirable.
  2. Fond; affectionate; kind.

loving, verbal n. [see love, v.]

Affection; romantic bond; marital commitment; wedding promise.

low (-er), adj. [ME lāh.]

  1. Heavy; weighed down; [fig.] tired; exhausted; dead; defunct.
  2. Quiet; subtle; not loud; almost as inaudible; soft in tone; subdued of voice.
  3. Less prestigious; [fig.] mortal; earthly; worldly.
  4. Sunken; ground-level; not elevated; [fig.] grave; cemetery.
  5. Baser; less significant.
  6. Close to the ground; [fig.] common; ordinary; ubiquitous.
  7. Inferior; below a noble level; [fig.] bowed; bent; [metaphor] less worthy; of lesser status.
  8. Minor; less advanced; [fig.] merely temporal; [kenning “the lower Way”] mortality.
  9. Corruptible; subject to decay; no longer able to rise to its normal height.
  10. Downcast; [fig.] closed; with eyelids shut down.
  11. Humbling; depressing; dejected.
  12. Short; small in size; less in stature.
  13. Humble; meek; modest; willing; biddable; self-forgetful; anxious to please.
  14. Hovering; sinking down; approaching earth; heavy with condensation; [fig.] threatening; glowering.
  15. Fewer; less in numbers; smaller quantity of.
  16. Insufficient; short in altitude; lacking in quantity.
  17. Underground; subterranean.
  18. Living beneath the heavens.

low, adv. [ME lahe, see low, adj.]

  1. Near to the ground.
  2. Deep; far under the ground.
  3. With head down; with the view facing downward.
  4. Seemingly closer to the earth; as if nearer to the horizon.
  5. Meekly; humbly; modestly; in the appropriate place.
  6. Down; [fig.] unhinged; out of place.
  7. Quietly; timidly; reverently.
  8. Accessibly; downward enough to be in reach of.
  9. Very far downward; to a substandard level; [fig.] disgustingly; unacceptably; without worth.
  10. In a bass tone; in a voice opposite of high-pitched.
  11. Comprehensively downward; extremely far down; great in depth.
  12. At the horizon; into shorter days; with moderate temperature; [fig.] at sunset; near the end of the month; [metaphor] like a candle getting shorter as its wax burns.
  13. Limply; flatly.