Lexicon: lens – lethargic

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lens (-es), n. [L. lens.]

Circle of tempered glass; transparent instrument of sight; examination tool formed so that the rays of light passing through it change direction.

Leontodon, proper n. [Gk 'lion' + 'tooth'; see dandelion.]

Dandelion; plant of the genus Leontodon; flower growing in a valley; [fig.] baby; young one; child in a bed; flower personified; (see ED's letters).

leopard (-'s, -s), n. [OFr leopard.]

  1. Big cat of the genus Panthera pardus; [fig.] wildness; fierceness; untamed energy; [metaphor] freedom; adventure; power; strength; quick movement; exotic danger.
  2. Tawny spotted predator; four-legged creature that has yellow fur with black spots; [fig.] sun-spot; solar flare; dynamic display of golden sunset colors.
  3. Panther; carnivorous feline; animal native to Africa and Southern Asia; [possible word play on “leper”] unclean being; quarantined individual; one that poses a threat to the safety of others.

less (-er), adj. [see less, adv.]

  1. Younger; lower in age; not as high in station, condition, or rank; [fig.] mortal.
  2. Smaller in degree; of not so great quantity; not as large in size.

less, adv. [OE læs.]

Not so much; in a smaller amount; to an insignificant degree.

less, n. [see less, adv.]

Something smaller; someone who is inferior.

lest, conj. [OE phrase þý læs þe, whereby less.]

That not; in case; for fear that.

let, n. [see let, v.]

Fall; descent; settling; shedding; sinking; pouring out; a quiet dropping down; [kenning (cf. Lynch's 1900 “let of blood” = 'bloodshed')] snowfall.

let (-s, -'s, -ing), v. [OE.]

  1. Permit; allow.
  2. Release; liberate; set free; [fig.] awaken.
  3. Phrase. “Let go / let (someone) go”: release; liberate; set free; refrain from holding onto.
  4. Phrase. “Let go”: emit; expire; exhale; expel; [periphrasis: “let go the breath”] sigh.
  5. Phrase. “Let go”: dismiss; disregard; forget; ignore; put aside; leave behind; pay no heed to; [fig.] foreswear; sacrifice for something better.
  6. Phrase. “Let go”: omit; overlook; leave undone; fail to perform; allow to pass by.
  7. Phrase. “Let go”: quit; surrender; give up; relinquish possession of.
  8. Phrase. “Let go”: produce; deliver; publish; put forth.
  9. Phrase. “Let away”: discharge; vent; send out electricity.
  10. Phrase. “Let down”: lower.
  11. Phrase. “Let us / Let's”: come; we shall.
  12. Phrase. “Let go”: collapse; open up; break open; fall apart.
  13. Phrase. “Letting go”: (see letting, verbal n.)

lethargic, adj. [L. lēthargic-us.]

Sluggish; frozen; inactive; motionless; flowing very slowly.