Lexicon: liquor – litany

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liquor (-s), n. [OFr licur, licour, likeur.]

  1. Spirit; inebriation; cause of intoxication; [fig.] joy.
  2. Liquid; drink; fluid substance; [fig.] nectar; wine.
  3. Beverage; refreshment; spirituous fluid.

lisp, n. [see lisp, v.]

Stammering; baby talk; affected speech; pronunciation of /s/ as /θ/; mispronunciation of sibilant sounds; [fig.] hiss; whisper; loss of voice; alleged failure to communicate; apparent inability to speak.

lisp (-ed, -s), v. [OE wlispian.]

  1. Tell; divulge; reveal a secret; [fig.] whisper.
  2. Stammer; stutter; articulate inaccurately; enunciate inadequately; utter with difficulty; say with hesitancy; pronounce /tr/ as /tw/; speak like a little child.

lisping, verbal n. [see lisp, v.]

Baby talk; child-like speech; broken syllables; difficulty in articulation; [fig.] hesitancy due to overwhelming gratitude.

list (-s), n. [Fr. liste.]

  1. Muster roll; catalog of soldiers by name; written collection of people's names, often organized in rows or columns; [fig.] God's Book of Life.
  2. Host; legion; troop; regiment; military array; [fig.] constellation; configuration of stars; [metaphor] host; band of angels.
  3. Enumeration; tally.
  4. Roll; keel; lurch; reel; spin; whirl; tilt; incline; slope; gyration; revolution; rotation; careening; [fig.] course; path.
  5. Set of options; collection of possibilities.
  6. Phrase. “lists of Clay”: earthlings; mortals; human beings.

list, v. [see listen, v.; clipping of the verb “listen.”]

Hearken; heed; pay attention.

listen (-ing, -s), v. [OE lystan, to hear.]

  1. Await; expect; strive to hear the sound of a loved one's voice.
  2. Hear; pay attention; [fig.] attend; yield; become quiet.
  3. Keep still; remain quiet.
  4. Phrase. “listen to”: perceive the sound of.

listener, n. [see listen, v.]

Hearer; person who hearkens; someone who wants to hear a tale.

listless, adj. [see listen, v.]

  1. Passive; inactive; still; [fig.] dead.
  2. Heedless; languid; sluggish; impassive; indifferent to what is passing; [fig.] drifting; slowly moving.

litany (litanies), n. [L. litanīa < Gk 'prayer, entreaty'.]

Supplication; solemn prayer; penitent plea in the text of a worship service; mournful liturgy exchange between a minister and a congregation in a funeral.