Lexicon: log – lonesome

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log, n. [ME logge, origin unknown.]

Timber; piece of wood; large fallen branch of a tree.

logarithm, n. [L. logarithm-us; proportion, ratio + number < Gk. λόγ-οs, word.]

Calculation; mathematical function; abridgment of numbers through formulas in trigonometry; [word play on “logos” + “rhythm” or “rhyme”] words; language; lexicon; poetry; metrical verse.

logic, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk λογική.]

Reason; human understanding; mortal contemplation; arbitrary rationale.

logician, n. [see logic, n.]

Philosopher; scholar; expert in logic; writer of critical thinking, sound inference, or scientific method.

loin (-s), n. [OFr < L. lumbus.]

Waist; lower torso; area from below the ribs to the base of the buttocks; part of the body about which clothes are bound.

lone, adj. [see alone, adv.]

  1. Single; unwedded; not married; without a bride; having no helpmeet; (see Genesis 2:18).
  2. Isolated; unaccompanied; unfrequented; apart from others.
  3. Widowed; forsaken; desolate because of her husband's death.
  4. Singular; particular; specific; [fig.] seldom read; [kenning “lone Orthography”] epitaph; individual gravestone inscription in a cemetery or an abandoned battlefield.
  5. Exclusive; sole; chosen; designated; one and only.
  6. Solitary; lonely; lonesome.

loneliness, n. [see lonely, adj.]

  1. Solitude; isolation; reclusiveness; single status; solitary existence; lack of companionship; retirement from fellowship; seclusion from other people; withdrawal from social relations.
  2. Emptiness; void; seeming nothingness; [fig.] existential crisis.
  3. Desolation; bleakness; forlornness; lonesomeness; [fig.] death; separation from loved ones by dying.
  4. Longing; pining; homesickness; nostalgia; yearning for a loved one's presence.
  5. Grief; heartache; sorrow at the loss of a loved one.
  6. Solemnity; gravity; somberness; perfect privacy; sublime solitude; profound reverence; sense of a divine presence.

lonely (lonelier), adj. [see lone, adj.]

  1. Solitary; isolated; remote; unfrequented; sparsely populated.
  2. Homesick; longing for the company of loved ones.

lonesome, adj. [see lone, adj.]

  1. Isolated; secluded from society; lacking familiar associations; far removed from ordinary life.
  2. Empty; void.
  3. Unfrequented; [fig.] spooky; scary; eerie; ghostly; haunted.
  4. Solemn; sober; somber; sublime; hauntingly beautiful.
  5. Sad; mournful; plaintive; woeful; gloomy; funereal.
  6. Singular; select; elite; peculiar; uncommon.
  7. Solitary; lonely; eremitic.
  8. Single; individual; solo.
  9. Ostracized; shunned; excluded; subject to persecution.

lonesome, n. [see lone, adj.]

Phrase. “lonesome for they know not What”: nostalgic ones; people who are longing for something that they cannot quite identify;[fig.] mortals.