Lexicon: lute – Lybian

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lute (-s), n. [Fr. lut < Arab.]

  1. Guitar; stringed instrument; [metaphor] joy; delight; [fig.] lyric poetry.
  2. Sound; noise; murmur; [fig.] music; song.
  3. Musical instrument of any kind; [metaphor] human beings; mortal tabernacles; [metonymy] bard; poet; troubadour; minstrel; oracle; prophet; author of scripture text; [fig.] humanities; fine arts; liberal arts; classical learning.

luxurious, adv. [OFr < L. luxuriĊsus, see luxury, adj.]

Lavishly; decadently; in a deluxe manner.

luxury (luxuries), [OFr < L. luxuria, abundance, sumptuous enjoyment.]

  1. Prosperity; providence; entitlement; extravagance; indulgence; [fig.] oasis; resort; safe harbor; comfortable haven; shelter from the storm.
  2. Privilege; option; possibility; opportunity; prerogative.
  3. Extraneous feature; non-essential item; extra possibility; unnecessary but desirable detail.
  4. Plenty; bounty; amplitude; banquet; copious feast; [fig.] treasure; prize; wealth; riches.

Lybian, proper adj. [Gk < Heb. Lehabim, descendent of Noah (Gen. 10:13) or Lubims (2 Chron. 12:3).]

Of Libya; pertaining to the north African country bordering Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea; [fig.] warm; hot; dry; arid; like a desert.