Lexicon: long – looking

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long (-er, -est), adj. [OE lang; NW says the Gothic word lages seems to connect this word with lag, in the sense of drawing out, whence delaying.]

  1. Tedious; laborious; taking up too much time.
  2. Extensive in length; [fig.] longitudinal; unending; [metaphor] ray-shaped and radiant.
  3. Lengthy in time; extensive in duration.
  4. Extended; seemingly endless with reference to spatial measurement.
  5. Lasting; not short; having a certain measurement.
  6. Of great duration; [fig.] infinite; eternal; everlasting.
  7. Phrase. “By my long bright and longer trust”: by the lengthy and enduring brightness of my trust.

long (-er, -est), adv. [see long, adj.]

  1. Much time; many hours.
  2. For a lengthy period.
  3. Much; well; a lot; throughout the duration of.
  4. Great amount of time.
  5. Phrase. “all day long” / ”all summer long”: the entire day; for the duration of the summer.
  6. Phrase. “Long ago”: many years hence; in the distant past.
  7. Phrase. “How long”: for what amount of time.
  8. Phrase. “the longest”: for the most lengthy duration; for the greatest amount of time.
  9. Phrase: “So long”: good-bye; farewell; until we meet again, no matter the duration of absence.
  10. Phrase: “long interceding lips”: lips employed in lengthy pleading; [metonymy] people who have been praying for an extensive period.

long (-ed), v. [OE langian, see long; adj.]

  1. Wish earnestly; desire intensely; want eagerly.
  2. Phrase. “long for”: yearn to have; ache to return to.

long-cheated, verbal adj. [see long, adv., see cheat, v.]

Phrase. “long-cheated”: denied access for much time; deprived of seeing someone for a lengthy period.

longing, n. [see long, v.]

Yearning; heart's desire; eager wishing for something.

longingly, adv. [see longing, n.]

Yearningly; with nostalgia.

longitude, n. [L. longitūdo, long.]

Length; distance; [fig.] long servitude; lengthy separation caused by death.

look, n. [see look, v.]

  1. Glance; glimpse; view; act of seeing.
  2. Appearance; image; visual aspect; optical dimension; [fig.] vision.
  3. Set gaze; blank stare.
  4. Face; aspect; countenance; mien.
  5. Review; critique; appraisal; examination; inspection.
  6. Facial expression.
  7. Phrase. “without the look of feet”: as if having no feet; without observable feet; appearing to have not feet; [fig.] effortlessly; swiftly; as if by flight.

look (-ed, -eth, -ing, -s), v. [OE lócian.]

  1. Search; seek visually; scan to find.
  2. Gaze; peer; direct the line of sight.
  3. Examine; observe; apply the mind.
  4. Seem; appear to be.
  5. See; consider; [imperative] notice; pay attention.
  6. Behold; choose to see; direct one's eyes.
  7. Focus; concentrate.
  8. Appear; manifest to view; display characteristic features.
  9. Stare at; fix the gaze of eyes upon.
  10. Phrase. “look for”: expect; anticipate; count on seeing.
  11. Phrase. “look out for”: watch for; be attentive in order to see.
  12. Phrase. “look for”: seek; search for.
  13. Phrase. “look at”: consider; behold; observe; watch; gaze on.
  14. Phrase. “looking back”: in retrospect; after further consideration.
  15. Phrase. “look back for” / “look back on”: remember; recall.
  16. Phrase. “Look down upon”: transcend; escape from; rise above; view from on high; [fig.] supersede; despise; sneer at; be contemptuous of.
  17. Phrase. “look up”: gaze upward; [fig.] awake; open the eyes.
  18. Phrase. “look upon” / “look opon” / “look on”: behold; observe; gaze at; [fig.] perceive; form a mental perception of.
  19. Phrase. “Look to it”: watch out that; take care that; keep an eye on it so that; [fig.] scan it; measure it; assess it; evaluate it.
  20. Phrase. “look in the face” / “look in the eye”: gaze directly at; make eye contact with.
  21. Phrase. “look for”: expect; await; anticipate; watch for.
  22. Phrase. “look around”: investigate; seek information.
  23. Phrase. “get the look at”: have the opportunity to see.

looking, verbal n. [see look, v.]

  1. Beholding; searching visually; gazing fixedly; choosing to direct sight to.
  2. Phrase. “looking back”: retrospection; reflection; remembering; meditation.
  3. Phrase. “Looking on”: observation; watching passively; being a mere spectator.