Lexicon: le – leagueless

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le, definite art. [Fr. definite article 'the'; see vive.]


lea, n. [OE léa.]

Meadow; field; tract of land.

lead (-s), n. [OE léad.]

  1. Darkness; gray color; dark hue; [fig.] thunder head; stormy weather; cloud cover; dense heavy atmosphere.
  2. Phrase. “Line and lead”: plummet; wire with a weight attached; lead-line acoustic depth measure; echo sounding method for locating objects underwater; [word play] thank you note; written or verbal expression of thanks.

lead (-ing, -s, led), v. [OE lædan.]

  1. Direct; guide.
  2. Conduct; direct musically; sing the main part in a choir.
  3. Precede; be first of.
  4. Cause to move; bring by force.

leaden, adj. [OE léaden; see lead, n.]

Heavy; metallic in color; grey and cold in appearance.

leader (-'s), n. [OE lædere.]

Director; maestro; conductor; [fig.] prophet; high priest; grand official.

leaf (leaves), n. [OE léaf.]

  1. Foliage; plant greenery; tree leafage.
  2. Page; individual segment of a book.
  3. Plant appendage; growth from a stem; chlorophyll-producing segment on a branch.

leaflet (-s), n. [see leaf.]

Foliage; set of small plants; little divisions of a compound leaf.

league (-s), n. [L. leuga, leuca.]

Measure; distance; eight miles; thirteen kilometers; aquatic unit; [fig.] launching; sailing; nautical propulsion; [metaphor] temporary separation.

leagueless, adj. [see league, n.]

Endless; infinite; without limits.