Lexicon: leak – lease

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leak, n.

Hole letting out water; crevice that liquid flows from.

leak (-ed, -ing), v. [ON leka, to let water through.]

  1. Exude; ooze; let out.
  2. Escape; find passage out from.

leakage, n. [see leak, v.]

Spill; outflow; gradual escape of liquid.

lean, adj. [OE hlaene.]

Thin; without bulk; wanting of flesh.

lean (-ed, -eth, -ing, -s, -t), v. [OE hleonian.]

  1. Tilt; bend; incline.
  2. Press upon.
  3. Rest; receive support from.
  4. Tend toward; move forward gently.
  5. Recline; lay down.

leap (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OE hléapan.]

  1. Spring; jump; vault with all four feet off of the ground.
  2. Escape; flee; fly away; make an exit.
  3. Trample; rush violently.
  4. Move suddenly; change position unexpectedly.
  5. Jump; dance around; express joy through kinetic movement.

learn (-ed, -eth, -s, -t), v. [OE leornian.]

  1. Acquire.
  2. Experience.
  3. Apprehend; comprehend; understand how; [fig.] obey; heed; mind.
  4. Become accustomed; obtain the ability; acquire the attribute.
  5. Ascertain; determine; discern; discover; find out for certain; know by the senses.
  6. Phrase. “Learn to know”: become familiar with; grow accustomed to.

learned, verbal adj. [see learn, v.]

  1. Knowledgeable; wise; educated; well-schooled.
  2. Astute; scholarly; lettered; literate.
  3. Experienced.

lease (-s), n. [Anglo Fr. les, a letting.]

Contract; rental arrangement; agreement binding two or more parties to a specific cause.

lease (-ed), v. [OE lesan, to gather, collect.]

Loan; grant permission for use.