Lexicon: machinery – magic

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machinery, n. [Fr.]

Technology; mechanistic invention; mere human engineering; [fig.] mortality.

mad (madder, maddest), adj. [OE gem├Žd, insane.] (webplay: break, delirium).

  1. Strange; exotic; outlandish; primitive; adventurous; [fig.] pungent; fragrant.
  2. Unrealistic; quixotic; impossible; wild-eyed.
  3. Distracted; frenzied; crazy with jealousy.
  4. Wildest; worst; stormiest; most tumultuous; most furious.
  5. Ecstatic; rapturous; jubilant; exhilarated.
  6. Frantic; inflamed; delirious; frustrated.

mad (madder), adv. [see mad, adj.]

Briskly; actively; wildly; with spirit; without inhibition.

madam, n. [OFr ma, my + dame, lady.]

Lady; dame; gentlewoman; socially-accepted appellation for a female; title for a woman showing respect, refinement, or elevated social standing.

made, v. [preterite form; see make, v.]

madness, n. [see mad, adj.]

  1. Disassociation; psychosis; severe shock; nervous breakdown; a coping response after trauma.
  2. Distraction; preoccupation; absent-mindedness; [fig.] artistic genius; intellectual brilliance; poetic creativity.
  3. Disorder; craziness; passion; frivolity; erratic behavior; lack of caution; [fig.] windiness; unpredictable weather.
  4. Ecstacy; rapture; jubilee; exhilaration.

madonna (-s), n. [Sp. madona, It. madonna, my lady; cf. Notre Dame, Our Lady]

  1. The Virgin Mary; Mother of God; holy woman who serves as an intermediary between humanity and Jesus Christ.
  2. Nurturer; nursing mother; [fig.] high place; chain of slopes; range of cliffs; [fig.] merciful saviors of the church of nature.
  3. Shrine; symbolic representation of the merciful intervention of Mary; inanimate religious icon representing the mother of Jesus Christ.

maelstrom, n. [Early modern Dutch 'whirlpool' < malen, to grind.]

  1. Famous whirlpool; cyclone in the Arctic Ocean on the west coast of Norway; sea vortex that destroys all vessels within a long radius.
  2. Whirlwind; tornado.

magic (-al), adj. [see magic, n.]

  1. Brilliant; wonderful; exquisite.
  2. Ethereal; airy; [fig.] cloudy.
  3. Invisible; hidden; secret.
  4. Celestial; heavenly.
  5. Enchanting; charming; fascinating.

magic, n. [OFr < late L.] (webplay: passive).

  1. Supernatural power; secret operations of natural causes.
  2. Sorcery; witchcraft; [fig.] poetry; literature; belle lettres; powerful language.
  3. Nature; natural causes; surprising effects.