Lexicon: marge – marquis

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marge, n. [Variant of margin: Fr. < L.]

Border; edge.

marigold, n. [Mary < Heb. Miriam, sea of bitterness + gold, n.]

Gold-flower; ring-flower; plant with round yellow flowers.

marine, adj. [L. marinus, from mare, the sea.]

Maritime; on the water; in the ocean; pertaining to the sea; [fig.] prenatal; pre-mortal; primeval; primordial; before birth; in the pre-earth life.

maritime, adj. [see marine, adj.]

Naval; marine; aquatic; nautical; oceanic; near the sea; [fig.] moist; damp; dewy; wet; watery; fluid; liquid; [metaphor] vast; fathomless; heavenly; celestial; infinite; eternal; [metaphor] blue; azure; cerulean.

mark (-ed), v. [OE mearcian, to destine, appoint, observe.]

  1. Write; spell; inscribe; identify with lettering; designate by a symbol; distinguish with a label.
  2. Observe; notice.

market, adj. [OE.]

Belonging or pertaining to the market.

market (-s), n. [see market, adj.] (webplay: better, high, place, price, ready).

  1. Place were people gather to guy, sell, and trade their goods.
  2. Phrase. “Market place”: place where a market is located.

marksman, n. [see mark and man.]

One who shoots a fireman well.

marl, n. [OFr.]

Peat; earth; calcified soil; dirt rich in clay and calcium carbonate.

marquis, n. [OFr < vulgar L. marca, march, frontier.]

Title of rank among the European peerage, greater than the title of earl and lesser than the rank of duke.