Lexicon: meet – memorial

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meet, adj. [ME mete.]

Appropriate; describing a proper course of action.

meet (-ing, -s, -st, met), v. [OE.]

  1. Become acquainted with.
  2. Greet; see.
  3. Experience.
  4. Find; come to.
  5. Interact; join together.
  6. Visualize the company of another.
  7. Enter the presence of; come into company with.
  8. Face; confront.
  9. Collide; strike together.
  10. Experience; encounter passively.
  11. Encounter unexpectedly; come across by chance.
  12. Assemble; congregate; actively encounter.

meeting, verbal n. [see meet, v.]

  1. Reunion with; encountering again.
  2. Gathering; conference.

mellow, adj. [ME 'soft'.]

  1. Gentle; soft to the ear.
  2. Warm; easy on the eye.

melody, n. [OFr < late L. 'singing, chanting'.]

  1. Agreeable succession of sounds arranged according to rhythm, measure and consisting of a single voice.
  2. [Fig.] praise to God consisting of a joyful and thankful disposition, ascribing to him the honor due to his name.

melt, v. [OE.]

Dissolve; make liquid; liquefy; reduce from a solid to a liquid or flowing state by heat.

member (-s), n. [ME < Fr. < L. 'limb'.]

Individual of a community or society.

memento mori, n. [L. 'remember death'; 'be mindful of death'; 'remember that you have to die'.]

Warning of death; symbolic object of death; [fig.] bad news; sad tidings.

Memnon, proper n. [Gk, 'skilled builder'; possibly related to Egyptian Ammenemes or Amenhotep.]

Ethiopian king; son of Eos, the dawn goddess; demigod conqueror in Greek mythology; builder of the walled city Susa; hero killed by Achilles in the Trojan War but granted immortality by Zeus; [fig.] warrior; strong one.

memorial, adj. [L.]

  1. Memorable; pertaining to a deceased person; [fig.] monument; gravestone; remembrance.
  2. Commemorative; given in remembrance.