Lexicon: mortgage – mostly

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mortgage (-d), v. [OFr.]

Dead pledge; security for payment; to expose to future risk for the purpose of immediate gratification.

mortise (-d), v. [OFr.]

Notch; groove; form a joint; attach a piece of wood to a framework; [fig.] secure; fasten; fix firmly.

mortised, verbal adj. [see mortise, v.]

Sealed; obstructed; blocked; closed up; [word play on “mort”] dead; buried; lifeless; deceased; filled with embalming material; [fig.] deaf; no longer able to hear.

mosaic, adj. [Fr.]

Tessellated; patterned in a Moorish fashion; [word play on “Moses”]: biblical; Old Testament; pertaining to Moses.

Moses, proper n. [L.< Gk < Heb. mōsheh, 'rescued'.]

  1. Old Testament leader; Israel's greatest prophet; compiler of the first five book of the Bible, the Pentateuch; man who went up mount Sinai to receive the ten commandments (see Exodus 14); one who guided the Israelites to the promised land but did not enter (see Exodus 34); [fig.] visionary leader; one who has a broad view of the world; [see Isaac Watts' hymn “There is a land of pure delight”.]
  2. Friend of God; prophet who spoke to Jehovah face to face (see Exodus 3:2, 33:11).

moss (-es), n. [OE.]

Small plant; lichen.

most, adj. [see most, adv.]

  1. Consisting of the greatest amount or quantity.
  2. Consisting of the greatest number.
  3. Phrase. “At most”: upper limit of possible characteristics.

most, adv. [OE.]

  1. To the greatest or highest degree.
  2. To the highest frequency or number of times.
  3. Best.
  4. Almost.

most, pron. [see most, adv.]

The majority; the greatest part.

mostly, adv. [see most, adv.]

  1. To the greatest degree.
  2. Most frequently; usually.
  3. In the greatest quantity.