Lexicon: meaning – meddle

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meaning (-s), n. [see mean, v.] (webplay: sense).

  1. Essence; intent; unspoken motive; unexpressed purpose; important element; that which exists in the mind; settled purpose though not directly expressed.
  2. Signification; sense; that which a writer intends; what a speaker tries to communicate.

meanwhile, adv. [see mean, n.]

In the intervening time.

measure (-s), n. [Fr. < L.] (webplay: dance, death, different, each, feet, hand, keep, long, music, old, rise, second, sought, world).

  1. Degree; interval between dance steps.
  2. Melody; musical phrase; division by which the motion of music is regulated.
  3. Whole extent; dimensions including length, breadth, and thickness.
  4. Amount; quantity.

measure (-s, measuring), v. [see measure, n.] (webplay: between, cask, common, each, every, eyes, final, hands, long, passes, power, proceeds, second, wine).

  1. Compute; ascertain extent; quantity, dimensions, or capacity by a certain rule.
  2. Be of a certain extent; have a certain length, breadth, or thickness.

measureless, adj. [see measure, n.]

Unlimited; limitless; endless; pervasive; [fig.] vast; infinite; omnipresent; [word play on “measure”] without the typical phrasing of human music.

meat, n. [OE.] (webplay: delight, fed, lives).

  1. Gist; pith; essential core; [generalization] food; nutritious content; nourishing substance that is fit to be eaten by humans and other creatures.
  2. Food; meal; viand; comestible item; [specification] portion of edible animal flesh.
  3. Victuals; [fig.] spiritual comfort; that which delights the soul.
  4. Nutrient; aliment; [generalization] matter; thing; object.

mechanic (-al), adj. [L.]

Automatic; involuntary; reflexive; routine; moving without intelligent design; [fig.] numb; dull; unfeeling; struck by grief.

mechanically, adv. [see mechanic, adj.]

Involuntarily; automatically; reflexively; acting by the laws of physical motion.

mechlin, n. [Flemish Mechelen.]

Bobbin lace; fine floral-patterned handiwork made in Flemish towns such as Mechelen.

meddle, v. [OFr < L. misc─ôre, to mix.]

  1. Interpose; intervene; intrude; invade; encroach; tamper; get involved; take part in the business of others.
  2. Mix; mingle; interfere; have to do.