Lexicon: marvel – mast

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marvel, n. [OFr merveille.]

Something to inspire wonder or awe.

marvel, v. [see marvel, n.]

Wonder; be awestruck.

Maryland, proper n. [Mary < Heb. Miriam, sea of bitterness + land.]

Eastern State of the United States; former British colony named after English Queen Henrietta Maria in 1632; [historical] death place of Francis H. Dickinson, who was the first Amherst casualty in the Civil War.

mash (-ed, -es), v. [OE maescan, mix.]

  1. Squash.
  2. Mix into a jumble or confusion.

mason, n. [Anglo Norman.] (webplay: laid, like, stone, wall).

Stone worker; one who cuts, shapes, and lays stone or brick.

masonry, n. [Fr.]

  1. Trade or skill of a mason; art of cutting, shaping, and laying stone.
  2. Construction; edifice.

masquerade, n. [Sp. 'mask'.] (webplay: come).

  1. Party where those in attendance are masked and disguised.
  2. Disguise; deception.

mass, n. [OE < vulgar L. messa.] (webplay: nation).

  1. Religious ceremony of worship having to do with the Catholic sacrament of the Eucharist.
  2. Multitude.

massacre (-s), n. [Fr. < OFr 'shambles, slaughterhouse'.] (webplay: war).

  1. Kill; murder indiscriminately.
  2. [Fig.] end harshly.

mast (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Long, wooden pole, erected on a ship to which the sail is fastened.
  2. [Fig.] tree.