Lexicon: mocha – modestly

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mocha (-s), n. [Arabic al-Mukā; name of port in Yemen at the entrance of the Red Sea.]

Coffee; hot drink; imported liquid stimulant that can be addictive; strong dark-brown beverage that temporarily increases mental alertness; [fig.] darkness; enigma; obscure thought; oblique thinking.

mock (-s), v. [Fr. moquer; W. mociaw, to mock.]

Tantalize; bother; tease; trick.

mockery, n. [see mock, v.]

Ridicule; [fig.] vain imitation or effort.

mocking, verbal adj. [see mock, v.]

Puzzling; inexpicable.

mode, n. [L. modus, measure, size, limit of quantity, manner, method.]

Form; [fig.] degree.

moderate, adj. [L. moderor, to limit < modus, limit.]

Temperate; self-disciplined; restrained in consumption.

moderately, adv. [see moderate, adj.]

With a sense of restraint, control, or temperance.

modern, adj. [late L. modernus < modo, just now.]

Current; contemporary; from the present time period.

modest, adj. [Fr. < L.]

  1. Decently covered in dress; not excessive; simple yet proper so as not to offend.
  2. Humble; not extravagant was with worldly possessions; not highly ornamental or decorous; displaying an unpretentious style.
  3. Small in size; not glamorous or extravagant.
  4. Having to do with social status: humble; poor; disinclined to bring oneself into notice.

modestly, adv. [see modest, adj.]

Humbly; with reserve; quiet service.