Lexicon: maple – march

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maple (-s, -'s), n. [see maple, adj.]

Deciduous tree; large woody plant whose leaves change to bright colors in the autumn.

mar (-s), v. [OE merran, to hinder.]

  1. Cheapen; devalue; corrupt.
  2. Wound; injure.
  3. Interfere; obstruct; interrupt with.

maraud (-s), v. [Fr. 'pilfer' < Middle Fr. 'rogue, vagabond'.] (webplay: robber).

Raid; plunder; steal; loot; pillage; sack; despoil; roam in search of profit; [fig.] cause of grief.

marauder, n. [Fr. 'rogue, vagabond'; see maraud, v.]

Raider; pillager; plunderer; thief; one who roams in search of profit.

marauding, verbal adj. [Fr.; see maraud, v.] (webplay: robber).

Roaming; plundering; profiteering; [fig.] deadly; fatal; mortal.

marble, adj. [OFr < Lat. < Gk 'shining stone'.] (webplay: little, stone, used, veins).

  1. Stony; hard; solid; dense; shiny; polished; smooth like granite; [fig.] deadly, fatal; tomb-like.
  2. Cold; chilled; insensate; numb; paralyzed; seemingly lifeless.
  3. Etched; incised; engraved on stone; carved on a tomb.
  4. Phrase: “marble tea”: dishes; china; table setting; [fig.] floral arrangement; memorial flowers; tomb decorations.

marble (-s), n. [see marble, adj.]

  1. Crystallized limestone; smooth fine-grained calcified rock.
  2. Tomb; crypt; headstone; grave marker.
  3. Small glass ball used in games.

march, n. [see march, v.]

  1. Brisk melody; piece of military music; song to walk to in a lively manner; [fig.] movement; campaign; [word play on the proper noun “March”] springtime.
  2. Military campaign; troop movement; relocation of forces; [fig.] systematic traveling of sunset light across the land.

March, proper n. [L. Martium, month of Mars.] (webplay: God, month, year).

  1. Third month of the year; 30-day period between February and April in the Roman calendar.
  2. Annual period named after the Roman god of war; [personification and word play on the noun “march”] foot soldier.
  3. Early spring time period.

march (-ed), v. [Middle Fr. < OFr. 'to trample'.]

Walk in step; stride in a military formation; move with a group in a precise pattern.