Lexicon: magician – mail

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magician (-s, -'s), n. [Fr. < L.]

Sorcerer; conjuror; wizard; necromancer; one that practices the occult arts; [fig.] poet; scientist; seer; visionary; mystic.

magistrate, n. [L.]

Public servant; civil officer; person who works for the government.

magnanimity, n. [Fr. < L. magnus, great + animus, spirit.]

Largess; munificence; generosity; [personification] openhanded one; person who is great of heart; [fig.] Savior; Lord of Hosts; Holy One of Israel; King of the Jews.

magnanimous, adj. [see magnanimity, n.]

Large; kind; valiant; brave; noble; great in courage.

magnetize, v. [OFr < L. magneta, loadstone, way-stone.]

Charge; supply; stabilize; make to stay in place.

magnify (magnified, magnifies), v. [Fr. 'to extol'.] (webplay: heart).

  1. Amplify; inflate; fill up; [fig.] exalt; raise in estimation, description, or praise.
  2. Increase; make greater; add to the weight of.

magnitude, n. [L.]

  1. Size; dimension.
  2. Influence; importance; effect.
  3. Greatness; grandeur.

maid (-s), n. [short for maiden, n.]

  1. Damsel; demoiselle; young lady; [fig.] bloom; blossom; flowering plant; [metaphor] sign of spring; symbol of fresh new life.
  2. Girl; female child; (see Matthew 9:24).
  3. Servant girl; household helper; cleaning woman.
  4. Miss; gal; unmarried woman.
  5. Virgin; celibate female; bride-to-be; woman soon to consummate a marriage.
  6. Lady-in-waiting; female attendant who helps a gentlewoman get dressed.
  7. Young woman; female of young adult age; (see Proverbs 30:19).

maiden (-s), n. [OE.]

Virgin; young woman; bride-to-be; unmarried female eligible for marriage.

mail, n. [Fr. malette.]

Post; messenger; express delivery; vehicle that carries correspondence.