Lexicon: metropolis – midnight

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metropolis, n. [L. < Gk 'mother' + 'city'.]

  1. Mecca; religious center; symbolic dwelling place; sacred living space.
  2. Expansive habitat; urban gathering area; large dwelling place.

mettle, n. [OE netele.] (webplay: spirit).

Excitement; vigor.

Mexico, proper n. [Nahuatl Mexitli, Aztec god of war < metx(tli), moon + xic(tli), navel + co, in, meaning 'in the navel of the moon'.]

Central American nation; country in southern North America; government at war the United States in the nineteenth century; place rich in gold and silver mines; [fig.] cochineal; crimson; scarlet dyestuff; color of passionate suffering; red, white, and green sunset hues; (see ED letters).

mice, n. [see mouse, n.]

microscope (-s), n. [Mod. L.] (webplay: see).

Optical instrument; tool for observation of small things.

microscopic, adj. [see microscope, n.]

Extremely small.

Midas, proper n. [L. < Gk < Assyrian mita.]

Anatolian ruler (about 736-636 B.C.); legendary king of Phrygia; man whose touch turned things to gold; [fig.] miser; greedy person; (see ED's letters).

middle, n. [OE 'between, among'.] (webplay: end, night).

  1. Ascension of; midway.
  2. Describing a specific or generic sea.

midge, n. [OE mucka, 'fly'.]

Gnat; fly; small insect; [fig] insignificant one.

midnight, adj. [see midnight, n.]

Secret; hidden; uncertain.