Lexicon: mote – mould

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mote (-s), n. [OE.]

Particle; one of innumerable specks floating a beam of light.

moth, n. [OE moppe.]

[Fig.] being that slowly experiences sights and sounds, and is idle.

mother, n. [OE.]

  1. Woman who gave birth to the subject.
  2. Mother Nature, the personification of nature as a protecting and controlling force.
  3. Religious authority, often referring to the Virgin Mary.
  4. Old woman; matron.

motion (-s), n. [L. motus.]

  1. Effect of impulse; action from either an internal or external force.
  2. Persuasive force.
  3. Proposal made; proposition offered.
  4. Practical, regulated movement of the body.
  5. Working of God in the soul.
  6. Mechanized movement.
  7. Power of movement; life.

motion (-ed), v. [Fr. < L.]

make a motion; movement intending action.

motionless, adj. [see motion, n.]

Having no motion; incapable of movement.

motive, n. [Fr. motif.]

That which induces a person to act; influence.

mottle (-s), n. [probably a back formation of motley.]

Spot; blotch of color.

mould, n. [OE molde.]

  1. Earth of the grave.
  2. Garden soil; surface stratum.

mould, v. [see mould, n.]

Change; shape into a pattern.