Lexicon: mind – minister

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mind (-s), n. [ME mynd, to think, remember, intend.] (webplay: advancing, bringeth, capacity, comprehend, desire, fact, fear, go, grace, heart, incline, know, less, one, opinion, out, power, pushing, reaching, reasons, remember, sacrifice, seat, sense, settled, sound, speak, spirit, strong, thought, times, used, will, wish).

  1. Disposition; will; affection.
  2. Seat of affection or heart.
  3. Awareness; sensory perception; cognitive function.
  4. Universe of discourse.
  5. Power of judgment, reason, or thought.
  6. Imagination.
  7. Memory; remembrance.
  8. Desire; will.
  9. [Fig.] word play on mine which is directly beside mind in NW; metaphorically, a spring or source of water.
  10. [Fig.] NW says: the implanted principle of grace.
  11. [Fig.] place where thought occurs.
  12. Intention; purpose.

mind, v. [OE myndgian, to remember, remind.] (webplay: high, mean, on, put, thought, way).

  1. Pay heed to; focus one's attention on.
  2. Bring to mind; remember; recollect.
  3. Observe; notice.
  4. Be opposed to.
  5. Phrase. “Never mind”: ignore; pay no attention to. 2/App 13 Never mind faded forests, Austin, / Never mind silent fields

mine, adj. [OE; see my.]


mine (-s), n. [Fr.] (webplay: art, rich, stone, taken, wealth).

  1. Excavation; place for extracting minerals or precious metals; [fig.] source of wealth.
  2. Mint; federal reserve; institution that makes coins; [fig.] source of riches.
  3. Cave; dark tunnel; underground vault; [fig.] tomb; grave; burial chamber.
  4. Hoard; reservoir; supply of money, goods, etc.; [word play on “mine” pronoun] beloved; loved one; being who is priceless to me.

mine, pron. [OE, formerly used as an alternative form of my before nouns beginning with vowels.] (webplay: belonging, book, different, follows, kept).

  1. My deceased loved ones [indicating relationship.]
  2. The one that is part of me [indicating constituency.]
  3. Me; myself; as my own; belonging to me; [word play on the noun “mine”] my own riches, wealth, treasure, jewel, etc.
  4. My door; [referring back to closest previous noun.]
  5. Phrase. “of mine”: belonging to me [indicating relationship.]
  6. Phrase. “of mine”: belonging to me [indicating ownership.]

miner (-'s), n. [ME < Fr.]

One that digs for metals or fossils.

mingle (-d), v. [late ME mengel.]

  1. Join in society.
  2. Render; give up.

mingled, verbal adj. [see mingle, v.]

  1. Inconsistent; capricious; variable; [fig.] puzzling; confusing.
  2. Mixed; uneven; [fig.] on tiptoe.

miniature, adj. [It. and Fr. < L.]

Small; little.

minister, n. [OFr menestre < L. minister, servant.]

One who performs sacerdotal duties; pastor.