Lexicon: must – Myrmidon

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must, v. [OE; modal auxiliary verb of need, obligation, responsibility, requirement, demand, conclusion, or likelihood.]

  1. Should; ought.
  2. Has to; is very probably; by every indication; have a high likelihood to.
  3. Should; ought to; be obligated to; have a responsibility to.
  4. Be unable to escape the reality.
  5. Have to; be required to.
  6. Phrase. “There must be”: it is very probable that exist; it is highly likely that there be.

mute, adj. [L.]


muteness, n. [see mute, adj.]


mutineer, n. [see mutiny, n.]

One guilty of mutiny.

mutiny, n. [L.]

Act of rising against authority.

mutual, adj. [Fr. < L.]

Equal in interchange.

my, possessive adj. [L. meus.] (webplay: own).

  1. [Of or belonging to one's own self.]
  2. [Apostrophe of address to one's self.]

myriad, adj. [L. myrias, countless.]

Very large in number.

myriad, n. [see myriad, adj.]

Very large number.

Myrmidon (-s), proper n. [ME < L. < Gk 'ant'.]

Emmet; pismire; large ant; mythological race that Zeus created from insects; warlike people from Thessalia; group who followed Achilles on the expedition against Troy; [fig.] soldier; warrior; loyal follower; trusted person; faithful subordinate who carries out orders without questions; [metaphor] snowflake.