Lexicon: midnight – mile

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midnight (-s, -'s), n. [OE.] (webplay: night).

The middle of the night; 12 o'clock in the morning; first hour of the twenty-four period in a day.

midst, n. [Fr.]

Middle; [fig.] group; gathering; association of angels.

midsummer, n. [OE.] (webplay: summer).

June 21st; summer solstice time; middle of the summer; brightness of the summer.

mien, n. [Fr.] (webplay: manner).

Appearance; look; manner.

might, n. [mod. G. macht, to be able, be powerful.] (webplay: achieve, against, body, force, give, God, great, hand, heart, house, light, love, may, means, nation, possible, power, soul, strength, strive, sun, sunrise, work).

  1. Bodily strength; physical power.
  2. Strong force.
  3. Ability.
  4. Strength in mind and body.
  5. Supernatural power.
  6. Strength of affection.

might, v. [OE; preterite form of the auxiliary verb “may” denoting the conditional or possible; see may, v.]

May; possibly could.

mightiness, n. [see might, n.]

Power; greatness.

mighty (mightier, mightiest), adj. [see might, n.] (webplay: arm, bold, drink, earth, great, large, nation, one, power, strong, thunderings, waters, wind, wise).

  1. Important; momentous.
  2. Efficacious; very forcible.
  3. Great; wonderful.
  4. Very strong.
  5. Far-reaching; very influential.
  6. Large.
  7. Very great in intellect.
  8. Very large in number.
  9. Vast.
  10. Very distressing.
  11. Having strength of light; splendorous.
  12. Violent; very loud.
  13. Very strong or great in corporeal power.
  14. Performed with great power.
  15. Vehement; rushing with violence.

mild, adj. [OE.] (webplay: affecting, gentlest, feeblest, light, sun).

  1. Soft; gentle; tender.
  2. Calm; tranquil; not violent.

mile (-s), n. [OE < L. milia.] (webplay: distance, road, yards).

  1. Distance; unit of 1760 yards; [fig.] years; length of time.
  2. Long walk; distant journey; far trek.
  3. Phrase. “many a mile”: a long way; [fig.] a large amount of time.
  4. Phrase. “Miles on Miles”: many miles; long distances; an endless number.