Lexicon: mitred – moccasin

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mitred, adj. [It. and Sp.]

Honorable; grave; sedate; having the solemnity of a Bishop wearing his sacred headdress.

mitten (-s), n. [Fr. mitaine, or miton, gauntlet.]

Hand covering; glove without divisions for the fingers.

mix (-ed, -ing), v. [back formation of mixt < L. miscere, to mix.]

Blend two or more elements, principles, groups, etc.

mixing, verbal adj. [see mix, v.]

Blending; mingling; jumbled; combining senses or sounds.

moan, n. [OE maenan, to complain.]

Groan; lamentation; low sustained sigh of grief.

moan (-s), v. [see moan, n.]

Beg; plead; express an intense need; make a deep low sound.

moaning, verbal adj. [see moan, n.]

Lamenting; groaning; expressing grief with sighs.

moat (-s), n. [ME mote, mound, hillock, castle-hill, clod of earth.]

  1. Trench; fosse; conduit; defensive canal surrounding a castle; channel of water encompassing a garden; [fig.] floral corolla; circle of petals protecting access to pollen; [personification] maidenhead; entrance to intimate relations; [kenning “moat of pearl”] pearly gate (see Revelation 21:21).
  2. Bank; mound; [fig.] horizon; skyline.
  3. Circuit; circumference; perimeter; circular formation; [kenning “Motes of Mystery”] cloud banks that veil the view of heaven.

mob, n. [L. mōbilis, movable, variable, changeable, lively, quick.]

  1. Crowd; boisterous assembly; rowdy congregation; volatile gathering.
  2. Riot; disorderly group; chaotic cluster; [fig.] storm-tossed forest.
  3. Rabble; rout; [fig.] passion; mania; surge of feelings; rush of emotion; [metaphor] chaos; storm; tempest.

moccasin, n. [Powhatan mockasin; Odjibwa makisin.]

Slipper; hand-made leather foot-gear; deerskin shoe of Native Americans, who travel swiftly on foot; [fig.] viper; water serpent; venomous North American snake whose strike posture reveals an open white mouth; [kenning “electric mocassin”] lightning strike.