Lexicon: minutest – miser

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minutest, n. [see minute, adj.]

Least; [fig.] weakest one; unworthiest person; least prominent being; one of little consequence.

minutiae, n. [L. minutia, smallness.] (webplay: smaller).

Small things; trivial objects.

miracle (-s), n. [L. miraculum, wonder.] (webplay: conferred, event, God, known, lives, still, wonderful).

  1. Incident uncontrolled by human hands; deviation of known laws of nature; divine occurrence.
  2. [Fig.] life; resurrection; eternity; immortality; the Creation; Jesus Christ.

miraculous, adj. [Fr. < L.]

Magical; wonderful; performed supernaturally.

mirage, n. [Fr. 'to look at oneself in the mirror, to be reflected'.]

Optical illusion; false visual representation.

mirror (mirrorrs), n. [Fr. < L. miror, to admire.] (webplay: clear, light, looking, star, stone).

  1. Reflection; shiny image; pattern of light.
  2. Looking glass; [architecture] molding; small oval ornament with wreaths of flowers cut into a gravestone; [fig.] mold; model; exemplar; to which people should look to.

mirth, n. [OE 'merry'.] (webplay: high).

Merriment; happiness; causing joyous feelings.

miscellaneous, adj. [Fr. < L. miscere, to mix.]

Random; of a variety; of different kinds.

misconceive, v. [OE mis-, badly + OFr < L. concipere, take altogether; see conceive.] (webplay: yield).

Mistake; have a false conception of; draw a wrong inference.

miser (-s, -'s), n. [L. 'wretched, unfortunate'.] (webplay: poverty, wealth).

  1. One who hoards money.
  2. [Fig.] one who in wealth makes himself miserable for fear of poverty.