Lexicon: memory – merciful

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memory (memories, mem'ry), n. [OFr.] (webplay: escape, mind, oblivion, past, recall, recollection, remember, time).

  1. Retainment; remains; reminder; souvenir.
  2. Recall; [personification] person who is remembering past experiences.
  3. Past events; former experiences stored in the mind.
  4. Active recollection.
  5. Nostalgia; mental remembrance.

menace (-s), n. [Fr.]

Threat; scourge; curse; indication of evil intentions.

menace (menacing), v. [see menace, n.]

Bother with determination to harm.

menagerie, n. [Fr. 'dovecote, farmyard, home'.] (webplay: show).

  1. A circus; [adj.] wild; varied; like a circus; like a collection of performing animals; [fig.] variety; [word play on “many”] numerous.
  2. Zoo; spectacle; exhibition; exposition; something to look at.

mend (-ed), v. [L.] (webplay: broken, convalescent).

  1. Improve; progress.
  2. Repair; restore.
  3. Heal; correct.

mention, n. [Fr. < L. 'to remember'.]

Comment upon; allude to; make reference to.

mention (-ed), v. [see mention, n.] (webplay: makes).

  1. Speak of; refer to.
  2. Utter.

merchant, n. [OFr] (webplay: buy, buyer, sell, supercargo, purchaser).

  1. Buyer; purchaser; emptor; [fig.] redeemer; one who symbolically pays the price.
  2. Seller; vender; sales representative.
  3. Phrase. “Merchant of the Picturesque”: representative of all beauty; [kenning] Creator; Divine Redeemer.

merchantman (merchantmen), n. [see merchant, n.]

Ship; freight boat; vessel that transports goods to be sold.

merciful, n. [see mercy, n.]

  1. Comforting; consoling; soothing; blessed; heaven-sent.
  2. Clement; benevolent; compassionate