Lexicon: miserable – mission

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miserable, adj. [Fr. < L.] (webplay: hopes, discontent).

In a state of misery; uncomfortable; painful; very unhappy; hopeless.

misery (miseries), n. [see miserable, adj.] (webplay: cause, death, discontent, extreme, heart, hope, life, pain, reign, unhappiness).

  1. That which is painful, wretched, hopeless, uncomfortable; great affliction.
  2. Miserable, unhappy condition; condition of sorrow or alienation.
  3. That which produces pain or causes discomfort and unhappiness.
  4. Distress caused by poverty or alienation.

misfortune, n. [see fortune, n.]

Doom; bad luck; ill fate; situation beyond control.

misgive (-s), v. [see give, v.] (webplay: heart).

Make a mistake; give amiss; fail. NW adds that it is usually applied to the heart.

misgiving, n. [see give, v.]

Failing of confidence; feeling of mistrust; apprehension; doubt; mistake.

misinfer, v. [see infer, v.] (webplay: admit, God, perceive, true).

Draw a wrong inference; misconceive; mistakenly not take notice of.

miss, n. [clipping of mistress.]

Mistress; title for a young lady.

miss (-ed, -es, -ing), v. [OE.] (webplay: common, decay, road, way).

  1. Be without; yearn for; have feelings of great loss, want, or absence.
  2. Fail in aim; fail to hit or meet; be unsuccessful.
  3. Be without; do without.
  4. Fail to obtain; not find or discover; err in attempting to find.
  5. Fail; mistakenly forget; omit; pass by; miscarry as by accident.
  6. Discover something is not where it's supposed to be.

missing, verbal adj. [see miss, v.]

Absent; lost; departed; moved away; no longer here; [fig.] dead; deceased.

mission, n. [L. mittere, to send.]

Function; duty.