Lexicon: mouth – muff

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mouth (-s), n. [OHG mund.]

  1. Exterior opening of the face.
  2. Surface opening; door; entrance.
  3. Opening to a river or body of water.
  4. Orifice through which one speaks.

move (-d, -s, -ing), v. [ME.]

  1. Change place; posture.
  2. Influence; promote; compel.
  3. Dance; move in a rhythmical manner.
  4. Work in a mechanical manner.
  5. Pass from phase to phase.

mower (-s, -'s), n. [from mow < OE mawan.]

One who cuts grass.

Mozart, proper n. [Ger. mōd, spirit, mind, courage + hard, hardy, brave, strong.]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791); Austrian musical genius; [fig.] master musician.

Mr (Mr.), n. [abbreviation of “master”.]

Formal title of address to a male.

much, adj. [shortened form of mickle.]

  1. Great in quantity or amount.
  2. Many in number.
  3. Entitled to the designation in a high degree.

much, adv. [see much, adj.]

  1. To the extent.
  2. To a great degree.

much, n. [see much, adj.]

Great quantity.

mud, n. [ME mode.]

Wet, soft earth; sludge; dirt mixed with water.

muff, n. [Fr. moufle.]

Covering for hands.