Lexicon: momentous – monstrous

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momentous, adj. [see moment, n.]

Grand; weighty; meaningful; significant in history.

momentum, n. [L.]

  1. Moments of time.
  2. Movement by force, reaction equal to the amount of pressure placed upon an object.

monad, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk 'unit, unity'.]

Small organism falsely said to be the first of the first in the evolutionary cycle of plants and animals.

monarch (-s), n. [It. and Sp. monarca; Fr. monarque; Gk 'sole ruler'.]

  1. Sole supreme ruler of an identifiable piece of land, having subjects or people he rules over.
  2. Use of force of power to rule over others including the domain of self-mastery.
  3. High achievements; reaching goals or pinnacles in one's life.

monarchy, n. [see monarch, n.]

Governing power within a single body that rules or a kingdom or empire.

money, n. [OE; L.; NW says money and mint are the same word varied.]

Coin or currency giving one wealth and affluence.

monition, n. [Fr. < L. monere, to advise, counsel.]

Warning; caution from impending danger.

monotony, n. [Gk 'sameness of tone'.]

Lack of variety; continuation of something that is the same as everything else; lack of change.

monster (-'s), n. [OFr mostre 'disfigured person, misshapen being'.]

  1. Person, being, or inanimate object extremely wicked, cruel, or inhumane by nature to other things or people, sometimes to the point of utter destruction; person of savage and relentless appearance.
  2. Evil force or power causing trepidation or fear.
  3. [Fig.] huge burden; mountain one must overcome to progress.

monstrous, adj. [see monster, n.]

Huge; enormous; overwhelming; mighty in size.