Lexicon: mail – majority

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mail, n. [Fr. maille, stitch in knitting; L. macula, spot, mesh of net.]

  1. Armor; protective gear; plated wear; suit made of chains.
  2. Layer; sheet; covering; [fig.] garment.
  3. Phrase. “celestial Mail”: divine protection; [fig.] temple covenant; sacred endowment; heavenly investiture; (Webster's 1844 definition of CELESTIAL, adj. cites Pope: “Descending from heaven; as, a suit of celestial armor”.)

maimed, verbal adj. [see maimed, n.]

Lame; crippled; disabled; subjected to mayhem; having a disability.

maimed, verbal n. [ME.]

Injured person; disabled individual; one who is crippled; [fig.] suffering one; emotionally devastated person.

main, n. [OE 'strength, force, power'.]

  1. Strength; force.
  2. Phrase. “In the main”: for the most part.

maintain (-ing), v. [L. manus, hand + tenere, hold; to practice habitually.]

Keep; continue; hold; preserve.

maize (maise), n. [Sp.]

  1. Indian corn; native grain of the Americas.
  2. Phrase. “Grape – and Maise”: vines and grains; [merism] sustenance; life support; adequate food supply.

majestic, adj. [see majesty, n.]

  1. Stately; August; becoming majesty; from a person of majesty.
  2. Splendid; grand.

majesty (majesties), n. [Fr. < L. 'dignity or greatness of a sovereign'.]

  1. Propriety; royalty; nobility; lordliness; special dignity.
  2. Elegance; grandeur; splendor.
  3. Dignity; reverence.
  4. Office; high position; exalted status.
  5. Pomp; display of ceremony; [fig.] colorful sunset; glorious setting of the sun.
  6. Emperor; king; [fig.] deity; the Creator; higher power.
  7. Greatness in appearance.

major, n. [Fr.]

  1. Field officer; rank above a captain and below a lieutenant.
  2. Mayor; town official; manager of a city; [fig.] bird who dominates a territory.

majority, n. [Fr. < L. major, comp. of magnus, great.] (webplay: more).

  1. Ancestry.
  2. Greater number; dominant group.