Lexicon: manacle – manor

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manacle, v. [see manacle, n.]

Fetter; confine; fasten; secure; bind; chain together.

Manchester, proper n. [Celtic man, place + OE ceaster, Roman town < L. castra, camp.]

City in Great Britain; industrial district in northwestern England; place where cutlery is made; (see ED letters).

mandolin, n. [It.]

Lute; cither; harp; soprano guitar; musical instrument with strings and a rounded wooden body; [fig.] poetry; lyrical verse; verbal music.

mangle (-s), v. [Du. mangelen, Ger. mangeln, to want.]

Tear; maul; mutilate; disfigure; cut up; destroy by shredding to pieces; reduce to an unrecognizable state; [fig.] disturb; trouble; upset; cause anxiety; devastate emotionally.

mangled, verbal adj. [see mangle, v.]

Disfigured; torn apart; [fig.] broken by the wind; damaged by bad weather.

manifest, v. [Fr.]

Display; exhibit; reveal.

manifold, adj. [see many, n. and fold, v.] (webplay: wisdom).

  1. Numerous.
  2. Of diverse kinds.

mankind, n. [OE.]

  1. All people; race of human beings.
  2. Humanity; humaneness; that which has human quality.
  3. Laymen; human beings.

manner (-s), n. [OFr < L. manuńĀrius, hand operated.] (webplay: company, customs, form, God, hands, know, mien, moral, obeisance, removing, way).

  1. Custom; convention; modus operandi.
  2. Method; form; way.
  3. Form; method; style; way of performing; manner of executing.
  4. Habit; practice; exercise.
  5. Certain degree of measure.
  6. Behavior; code of conduct.

manor, n. [OFr.]

Estate; perquisite; promised land; place of inheritance; [fig.] Canaan.