Lexicon: mercury – mermaid

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mercury (-'s), n. [see Mercury, proper n.]

Quicksilver; metal that has the highest specific gravity; metallic red liquid used in thermometers; dioecious medicinal plant with spiked flowers; [fig.] red oxide color; blazing scarlet tincture.

Mercury (-'s), proper n. [L. cognate with merc-, commodity; see market.] (webplay: affair, god, sun, well).

Roman deity; son of Jupiter and Maia; Greek god Hermes; Germanic god Woden; winged messenger of the gods; mythological god of commerce and eloquence; planet closest to the sun; [fig.] courier between lovers.

mercy, n. [Fr.]

  1. Compassion and forgiveness to balance the demands of justice; a characteristic of God.
  2. Pity; favor.

mere (-st), adj. [L. merus, undiluted, unmixed, pure.]

  1. Most ordinary; most typical; least important.
  2. Trivial; dear; absolute; perfect.

merely, adv. [see mere, adj.]

  1. Simply; only.
  2. Just; no more than.

meridian, n. [Fr. < L. 'noon'.] (webplay: sun).

  1. Midsummer; summer solstice; [fig.] intense enlightenment.
  2. Sun; noon day sun; highest point of the sun.

merino, adj. [Sp.]

Thick wool made from the wool of sheep from Spain.

merit, n. [OFr < L. merere, to obtain for one's share, earn as pay, deserve.] (webplay: desert, earn, worth).

  1. Worthiness; virtue; love.
  2. Reason.
  3. Reward; achievement; value; right; excellence.
  4. Praise.

merit (-ed), v. [see merit, n.]

Earn; deserve.

mermaid (-s), n. [Fr. mere + maid, Ger. meerjungfrau.]

Fictitious marine animal with the head and torso of a woman and the body of a fish.