Lexicon: marriage – martyr

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marriage, n. [Fr.] (webplay: church, son, wedlock).

  1. Union between a man and a woman in a procreative relationship with a covenant of fidelity.
  2. Covenant relationship between Christ and His followers.

marrow (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Substance or essence in bones.
  2. [Fig.] life-giving substance, essence or heart of something.
  3. [Fig.] pollen in flowers.

marrowless, adj. [see marrow, n.]

Having an absence of substance or heart; lack of courage.

marry (married), v. [Fr.]

  1. Unite in wedlock or marriage.
  2. [Fig.] join together or unite two or more things so they become one.

Mars, proper n. [L. 'God of war'.]

Fourth planet from the sun; Roman god of war; deity over agriculture, livestock, and battle; son of Jupiter and Juno; [fig.] celestial body personified.

marshal (-led, -ling), v. [OFr.]

Gather and arrange in a force to perform an action.

marshalling (-s), n. [see marshal, v.]

Organized gathering.

martial, adj. [F. < L. martialis, belonging to Mars.] (webplay: armies, battle, bravest, God, Nature's, war).

War-like; having to do with the military.

martyr, adj. [see martyr, n.] (webplay: suffering).

Suffering; persecuted; oppressed; misunderstood; unappreciated; self-sacrificing.

martyr (-s), n. [L. < Gk 'witness'.]

  1. Sufferer for a cause; one who bears witness to truth by dying for it; person who gives up their life for a belief; someone who is killed for testifying of the gospel, such as Jesus Christ, Stephen, and other Christians (see Acts 6:8-8:1).
  2. Phrase. “martyrs albums”: hagiography; [genitive] martyrs' albums; book about martyrs in the Protestant tradition (see John Foxe's 1543 Book of Martyrs); book about saints in the Catholic tradition; records about people who suffered death because of their faith.