Lexicon: modesty – momently

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modesty (modesties), n. [see modest, adj.]

  1. Confined, not showy or attention minded due to an imprisonment.
  2. Timid, not bold or showy, unobtrusive through inexperience allied with bashfulness and diffidence.
  3. Having an attitude of self-importance although not showy or an attention getter.

modify, v. [Fr. < L. modus, limit, manner + facere, to make]

Change in quality or position; move in degrees of both character and place.

moiety, n. [ME.]

Substantial portion; essential part; significant piece; [fig.] verse of scripture; Bible quotation; teaching of the Gospel.

mold, n. [OE.]

  1. Earth; soil; rich dirt; moist dark organic matter; [word play] fossil.
  2. Container; form; shape; structure used to make material conform to certain lines; preservation of a heavy object into soft material; [fig.] tombstone.

mold-life, n. [see mold, n.]

Material being; earthly existence; mortal matter.

mole, n. [L.]

Blind creature; burrowing animal that lives underground in the dark; [fig.] unbeliever; person who is spiritually blind; one who does not see truth.

molest (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. molestus, troublesome.]

Infringed upon; disturb; waste; make someone lose a part of himself through the attack or desires.

molten, verbal adj. [past participle; see melt, v.]

Melted; [fig.] mellow; smooth; fluid; multi-hued.

moment (-s, -'s), n. [L.]

  1. Point in time; small, sometimes indistinguishable, amount of time; specific instance of focused time. 207199 Transporting must the moment be – Brewed from decades of Agony!
  2. Force; power.

momently, adv. [see moment, n.]

For a moment or instant of time.