Lexicon: manse – maple

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manse, n. [L. mansio, from maneo, to remain, abide.]

Habitation; parsonage house; lord's court; place that a nobleman owns; property of one who belongs to a higher social class; [fig.] web; network; lace-like structure produced by an arachnid.

mansion (-s), n. [see manse, n.] (webplay: Adam, dwelling, father, house, many, place, rises).

  1. Abode; domicile; haven; shelter; structure serving as a residence; [fig.] place in paradise; home in heaven; inheritance in the kingdom of God (see John 14:2).
  2. Park; estate; property of one who belongs to a high social class.
  3. Domain; expanse; realm; firmament; the sphere of the Lord.
  4. Body; hall; physical dwelling place.

mantel (-'s), n. [Variant of mantle, adopted from Fr. manteau.]

Chimneypiece; fireplace; stone frame for containing flames.

manufactoring, verbal adj. [ED's variant spelling of “manufacturing”; Fr. < L. manus, hand, and facere, to make.]

Activation; energizing; arousing; stimulating; causing; generative; productive; making reality.

many, adj. [OE manig.] (webplay: cups, doors, gathered, keys, mansions, questions, wanderings). Not a few; one of a large but indefinite number regarded distributively.

  1. Numerous; a high count of.
  2. Phrase. “Full many a”: a very great number of.
  3. Phrase. “This many”: for several of; not a few of; numerous occurrence of.
  4. Phrase. “Many a”: great numbers of.

many (-'s), n. [see many, adj.] (webplay: ardent, cast, fly, hurt, owned, rise, will).

  1. Multitude; people; a great number of individuals.
  2. Souls; spirits; inner body of mankind.

many-colored, adj. [see many and colored.]

Motley; variegated; having various colors; having sundry hues.

Manzanilla, proper n. [ED variation of “Manzanillo”; Sp. 'camomile'; possibly < Sp. manzana, apple.]

City on southern coast of Cuba; important commercial center known for the export of rum; [fig.] drunkenness; inebriation.

map (mapped), v. [L.]

Plan; draw; delineate.

maple, adj. [OE.]

Phrase. “Maple Keep”: home for baby birds in a maple tree; [kenning] nest.