Lexicon: Montcalm – more

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Montcalm, proper n. [Fr. < mont, to go upwards + Fr. calme, stillness.]

General Louis Joseph Montcalm (1712-1759); French general who died in battle defending Quebec against British general James Wolfe.

month (-s, -'s), n. [OE mona, moon.]

  1. Periods of time, usually 28-31 days, that the year divides into twelve times, distinguishable by name.
  2. Space of time reckoned from an moment and extending to the corresponding time of the next calendar month.

mood, n. [OE 'soul, heart, disposition, sense, mind'.]

State of mind or frame of reference usually based on a specific passion.

moon (-s, -'s), n. [OE mona.]

  1. Earth's only natural satellite; globe that reflects the sun's light onto the earth; sphere-shaped heavenly body which revolves around the earth causing a gravitational pull of the waters on the surface from which the tides are formed.
  2. Reflection of the sun's light; light of the earth's natural satellite.
  3. Man (so-called “man-in-the-moon”); physical features of the moon's surface that refract and reflect the sun's light, sometimes causing the appearance of facial features.
  4. Full disk of the moon; appearance of the earth's satellite as a complete circle.

moonless, adj. [see moon, n.]

Without light; dark because of an absence of moonlight.

moor, n. [Fr. < Gk 'dark, obscure'.]

Bog; marsh; fen; area of wet lowlands; place saturated with water, usually overgrown with grass, weeds, and heath.

moor, v. [Sp. and Port. ammarrar.]

Anchor; fasten; be stationed; be bound with a cable; be secured by a chain; [fig.] rest; have peace; find safety; know security; receive refuge.

mooring (-'s), n. [see moor, v.]

Chain; rope used to secure; anchor to keep something in place; [fig.] harbor; haven; port; refuge from storms.

moral (-s), n. [Fr., Sp., It. < L. mos, moris (pl. mores), manner.]

  1. Lesson; example; teaching principle; message to direct one's life.
  2. Way to live in relation to other people; guidance as to societal norms of what is right and wrong.

more, adj. [OE.]

Greater; additional; further; surpassing.