Lexicon: befall – beggar

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befall (-en, -ing, -s, befel, befell), v. [OE; see fall, v.] (webplay: worst).

  1. Happen; occur; ensue; come to pass; take place; come along to.
  2. Affect; change; happen to; be the fate of.

befit (-s), v. [see fit, v.] (webplay: name).

Suit; become; enhance; agree with; harmonize with; is appropriate for; [fig. word play on “fit”] clothe; dress; cover; endow.

before, adv. [OE 'in front'.] (webplay: choice, choose, distance, face, further, noting, persons, possess, time).

  1. Already.
  2. Previous; earlier; preceding this time.
  3. Previously; in advance; in the past; in a former epoch.
  4. Ahead; following; succeeding; in front; coming after; next in line; in the future.

before, conj. [see before, adv.]

  1. Earlier than; preceding the time that.
  2. Until; up to the point in time that.

before, prep. [see before, adv.] (webplay: authority, choice, choose, distance, face, further, furthest, Lord, parties, persons, presence, possess, power, side, sides, sight, son, time, wind, younger).

  1. Ahead of; in advance of; in the lead of.
  2. Facing; in front of; in the presence of.
  3. Preceding; prior to; earlier in time than.

befriend, v. [see friend, n.]

Help; aid; assist; benefit; countenance; serve; favor; support; take care of; show charity towards; offer aid, protection, support, encouragement.

beg (-s, begged, begging), v. [origin uncertain] (webplay: alms, ask, beseech, bread, entreat, humility, lives, practice).

  1. Request; call for.
  2. Appeal; entreat; beseech; implore.
  3. Exhort; urge; encourage.
  4. Ask; importune; supplicate.
  5. Plead humbly for alms; appeal to others for mercy; apply to others for money or free food; (see Mark 10:46).
  6. Want; need; wish.
  7. Pray for; plead for earnestly; request urgently.

began, v. [see begin, v.]

beget (-s), v. [OE.]

Create; generate; make; breed; sire; cause to exist; give life to; [fig.] arouse; enkindle; elicit; inspire; energize; (see James 1:18).

beggar, adj. [see beg, v.] (webplay: bread; charity; supplicate).

Poor; impoverished; indigent; hungry; needy.