Lexicon: bequest – beryl

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bequest, n. [ME be- + cwis, saying.]

Gift; bestowal; endowment; inheritance; legacy; present.

bereave (-s), v. [OE 'plunder, spoil, rob'.]

  1. Deny; strip; deprive; (see Genesis 43:14).
  2. Grieve; afflict; torment; smite; make desolate; (see Ecclesiastes 4:8).

bereaved (bereft), verbal adj. [see bereave, v.] (webplay: children, loss).

Sorrowful; mournful; grief-stricken; suffering.

bereavement, n. [see bereave, v.] (webplay: death, friend).

Grief; loss; mourning; sorrow; deprivation.

bereft, verbal adj. [see bereave, v.]

Bernardine, proper adj. [Germanic ber(n), bear (animal) + hard, hardy, brave, strong; Heb. 'resolute son'.]

Silent; reverent; quiet; saintly; holy; nun-like; according to the order of St. Bernard, an order of monks who wore white robes.

berry, adj. [see berry, n.]

Plump; red; sweet; succulent; [fig.] childish; youthful.

berry (-'s, berries), n. [OE < ON 'grape'.] (webplay: bear, smaller, strawberry).

  1. Small, globular, juicy fruit; sweet, succulent fruit with seeds.
  2. Grape; fruit for making wine; [word play on “barrel”] cask; large vat.
  3. Delicacy; dainty; tidbit; [fig.] forbidden fruit.
  4. Gift; nourishment; [fig.] sacrifice; sacrament; life-giving food.
  5. Olive; small, pulpy fruit with a stone; (see Isaiah 17:6).
  6. Gems; precious stones; [fig.] wealth; riches; [possible word play on “beryl”.]
  7. Sweet morsel; bit of food.
  8. Phrase. “Black Berry”: blackberry; edible wild currant; dark fruit of the bramble; [fig.] Christ; the crucified Savior.

beryl, adj. [see beryl, n.] (webplay: emerald).

  1. Pearly; gem-like; [fig.] precious; valuable; (see Ezekiel 10:9).
  2. Green; colorful.

beryl, n. [OFr < L. < Gk.] (webplay: color, imperfect).

  1. Pearl; emerald-like gem; semi-precious jewel; shiny crystal stone; (see Revelation 21:19-20).
  2. Bright blue-green color.