Lexicon: Bobadilo – Bohea

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Bobadilo, proper n. [Variant spelling of “Bobadilla” < Arabic.]

Village in Spain; town on the western coast of El Salvador; Francisco de Bobadilla (d. 1502); Spanish governor of Santo Domingo who ordered the arrest of Christopher Columbus and sent him back to Spain in chains; [fig.] autocrat; wealthy man; powerful leader.

bobolink (-s), n. [Mod. Eng. > Bob o' Lincoln, imitative of the bird's call.] (webplay: name, reed-bird).

Songbird; North American bird of the Dolichonyx oryzivorus species; small, migrating North American bird; [fig.] mourner; singer; funerary vocalist.

boddice, n. [variant spelling of 'bodice' < 'bodies'; see body, n.]

Blouse; upper portion of a dress; tight-fitting outer waistcoat worn by women; [fig.] bosom; chest; upper torso; top front body part.

bode, n. [OE > Germanic beudan, to offer.]

Promise; hope; assurance; anticipation; omen; portent.

bodiless, adj. [see body, n.] (webplay: man, soul).

Incorporeal; nonmaterial; spiritual; lacking physical form.

bodiless, n. [see body, n.] (webplay: alone, soul).

Spirits; souls; incorporeal; ones without bodies.

body (bodies), n. [OE.] (webplay: alone, common, corporeal, dwells, forces, Godhead, living, man, material, real, set, soul, spirit, wings).

  1. Part; entity; segment; manifestation of existence; distinct but complementary component of life.
  2. Self; person.
  3. Human form; mortal being, created in the image of God.
  4. Being; entity.
  5. Flesh; [fig.] vitality; life force.
  6. Material frame; physical structure; external component of flesh and blood.
  7. Resurrected being; glorified and perfected physical identity; (see 1 Corinthians 15:35).
  8. Fleshly tabernacle; corporeal identity; mortal part of individual existence; physical aspect of a human being; (see 1 Corinthians 15:35).

bog (-s), n. [Ir. bogach < bog, 'soft'.] (webplay: bend, land, little, man).

Marsh; fen; swamp; quagmire; muddy area; piece of wet, spongy ground.

boggy, adj. [see bog, n.] (webplay: grass, spot).

Swampy; spongy; marshy; wet; moist.

Bohea, proper n. [Chinese Wu-i(shan), mountain, hills north of Fuhkien.] (webplay: tea).

Coarse herb; cheap hot drink; low-priced tea from China; area that first exported black tea to England (see E.B. Browning's Aurora Leigh); [word play on “Bohemian”] vagabond; gypsy; roaming artist; [fig.] waxwing; noisy bird; personified migratory fowl.