Lexicon: blunder – boat

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blunder, n. [ME blondren.]

  1. Bewilderment; confusion; misunderstanding; trouble; disturbance.
  2. Gross mistake; error due to carelessness; confusion caused by stupidity.

blunder (-ed), v. [see blunder, n.]

Stumble; accidentally come; shuffle awkwardly.

blur (-s), v. [origin uncertain.]

  1. Obscure; stain; taint; tarnish; make dirty; make less valuable.
  2. Fog; cloud; blear; cause condensation on.

blush, n. [see blush, v.] (webplay: bear, cheeks, face, rosy).

Flush; redness; ruddiness; [fig.] color; glow; radiance; bloom; energy; life.

blush (-es, -ing), v. [origin uncertain.] (webplay: ashamed, bear, cheeks, love, soft).

  1. Glow; emit a deep red; burn slowly without producing flame.
  2. Flush; redden; color; become red in the face; be embarrassed; be disgraced; feel shame; (see Ezra 9:6).

blushing, verbal adj. [see blush, v.]

Red; flushing; brightly colored; [fig.] affected; animated; active; stirred up; emotionally stimulated.

Boanerges, proper n. [Chaldee, 'sons of commotion'; Aramaic, 'sons of thunder'.]

James and John (see Mark 3:17); nickname that Christ gave to the two sons of Zebedee; [fig.] disciple; apostolic messenger; loud orator; vociferous preacher; subject of an 1858 biographical sketch by James Challen.

board (-s), n. [OE bord.] (webplay: building).

  1. Plank; piece of wood; long, thin piece of timber; [kenning “Art of Boards”] carpentry; construction; architecture; skill with woodworking; (see 1 Kings 6:9-16).
  2. Table; flat surface on which food is placed for a meal; [fig.] food; meals.

boast (-ing, -s), v. [ME.] (webplay: glory, pride, riches, toss, vaunt, worth).

  1. Flaunt; display; advertise; show off; brag about; be proud of; be happy to have; think of as an advantage; say that one possesses; (see Psalm 49:6).
  2. Brag; vaunt oneself; promote oneself; be prideful; (see 2 Timothy 3:2).

boat, n. [OE bát.] (webplay: craft, little, mast, sail).

  1. Small ship; water craft; open vessel propelled across water by wind (see John 6:23); [fig.] life; soul; mortal being; vulnerable person.
  2. Ark; bark; sailing vessel; [fig.] shape; form; frame; body in flight; figure sailing through the air.