Lexicon: breeze – bridalled

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breeze (-s), n. [OSp brise.] (webplay: common, day, flies, land, light, mist, morn, night, sea, shifting, sound, summer, time, wind).

  1. Horse-fly; flying insect; bug of the Tabanus genus; [fig.] Comforter; Holy Spirit.
  2. Light wind; gentle gale.
  3. Gust; mild storm; natural purifier; current of fresh air; [personification] housekeeper; cleaning person.
  4. Higher power; life force; [personification] queen; royal lady; Mother Nature.
  5. Rustle; flutter; flicker; noise of leaves moving in the air.
  6. Perfume; scent; fragrance; aroma; wafted smell.
  7. Flux; flow of air; [fig.] soaring bird.
  8. Zephyr; [personification] muse; wind spirit.
  9. Inspiration; stimulation; motivation; cheering influence.
  10. Whisper; gossip.

bretheren (brethren), n. [see brother, n.]

brevity, n. [AFr < L. 'short'; see brief, adj.] (webplay: life).

Youth; childhood; quickly passing season; relatively short lifetime; [fig.] mortality; ephemeral being; transitory creature.

brew (-ed, -s), v. [OE 'infuse,' 'boil down'.] (webplay: clouds, liquor, quantity).

  1. Concoct; derive.
  2. Distill; manufacture.
  3. Make; prepare; produce; manufacture.

briar (brier), n. [OE.] (webplay: rose).

  1. Thorn; prickly bush; rose plant; (see Isaiah 55:33).
  2. Trial; trouble; vexation; (see Ezekiel 28:24).

bribe, n. [Poss. OFr 'piece of bread'.] (webplay: truth).

Seduction; corrupt pay-off; reward for providing illicit information; gift to induce inappropriate action; (see Isaiah 33:15-16).

bribe, v. [see bribe, n.]

Offer a gift to; reward unlawfully; illegally recompense; hire for covert purpose; [fig.] convince to speak; persuade to disclose something confidential.

brick, adj. [OFr 'bit, fragment, broken piece, loaf'.] (webplay: square).

Building block; baked clay; dried earth; [fig.] rectangular; blocky; cube-like; massive; bulky; weight-bearing; (see Isaiah 9:10).

bridal, n. [OE brĂ½d-ealo, wedding ale.]

Nuptial celebration; connubial bliss; day of marriage; wedlock ceremony; matrimony feast; [fig.] celebration of the resurrection; wedding supper of the Lamb.

bridalled, adj. [ED neologism; see bridal, n.]

Wed; married; adorned for matrimony; clothed in white; dressed in wedding attire; arrayed in best apparel; [fig.] endowed; invested with immortality.