Lexicon: bleak – bless

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bleak, adv. [see bleak, adj.] (webplay: cold, free).

Miserably; despairingly; wretchedly; despondently; without hope.

bleakness, n. [see bleak, adj.]

Coldness; chilly barrenness; exposure to wind; [fig.] emptiness; aridity; infertility; desolation; starkness.

bleat (-s), v. [OE blætan, imitative of a sheep's sound.]

Cry; beg; plead pitifully; meekly supplicate; ask in a helpless way.

bleating, n. [see bleat, v.]

Crying; plaintive sound; noise made by sheep; [fig.] lamenting; mourning; lugubrious weeping; cries caused by suffering; (see 1 Samuel 15:14).

bleed (-s), v. [OE; see blood, n.] (webplay: death).

Flow; steam; gush; discharge; shed blood; pour out a body's life force; [fig.] grieve; lament; feel deep inner sorrow.

bleeding, adj. [see bleed, v.] (webplay: heart).

Wounded; damaged; dripping blood; [fig.] exhausted; fatigued; suffering; world-weary; drained of life.

bleeding, n. [see bleed, v.] (webplay: drop, pain).

Wound; injury; hurt; gash; [fig.] suffering; Christ's atonement (see Luke 22:44).

blemishless, adj. [OFr blemir, render livid or pale.]

Clean; pure; spotless; perfect; without any defect; [fig.] sinless; in a resurrected state; Christlike (see Ephesians 5:27).

blend (blent), v. [ME; see bland, adj.]

Mix; mingle; combine; synthesize; come together; gently fuse; merge harmoniously; form a uniform mixture; pass imperceptibly into each other.

bless (-es, blest), v. [OE blédsian > blôd, blood.] (webplay: god).

  1. Give a benediction to; make a covenant with; place hands upon someone's head to bestow promises for.
  2. Praise; laud; worship; honor; homage; exalt; glorify; show deference to; glory be to; (see Deuteronomy 8:10).
  3. Reward; repay; have a positive affect on; [fig.] sprinkle on; [metaphor] affect the sense of smell.
  4. Commend; approve; [fig.] smile; rejoice; express delight.
  5. Sanctify; consecrate; hallow; prosper; uphold; endow with a divine gift; confer heavenly protection on; (see Genesis 28:3).
  6. Pray; speak good words.